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Wood Duck Nest Box by BHA - Made in the USA


Made to National Audubon Society Standards, this wood duck house is ornithologically correct and is handcrafted of natural cedar. Measurements are approx. 28 x 12.5 x 18.2. Made in the USA. Comes preassembled with inside ladder, location attachment screws and wood chips/sawdust pouch for duck comfort.


Male Wood Ducks are very ornate birds with chestnut on its body and glossy green on the head cut with streaks of white. They have a thin red ring around the eye. The females are gray-brown with white specks on the breast. Juvenile ducks are similar in appearance to the adult female. They have a length of eighteen to twenty-one inches, and a wingspan of approximately twenty-six to twenty-eight inches for both sexes. They weigh anywhere from sixteen to thirty ounces. Their habitat is generally around wooded swamps, ponds, streams, creeks, and areas with cattails. They have increased in numbers and with their showy colors have drawn the interest of many birders. As a result, the demand for the wood duck nest box has grown.

The wood duck is also a popular game bird for hunters. They are second only to the mallard duck in the number of ducks shot by hunters each year. One way we can be of help in keeping their numbers high is to provide them with a wood duck nest box.

As a cavity dweller, wood ducks will take readily to a wood duck nest box. Wood ducks nest in trees, and sometimes directly over water, and sometimes as far from water as a mile. So, they have a wide range of nesting places for you to place your nest box. When placing a wood duck home it should be placed ten to twenty feet above the ground. They raise one or two broods. Each clutch has six to sixteen eggs that have a creamy white or tan color.

Our wood duck nest box is made to ornithological correct standards. Each box is made of natural cedar and comes with an easy open panel for yearly cleaning. Wood ducks are found year round in most of the Eastern United States, and in parts of far Northwestern United States. They can also be found for summer breeding in lower parts of Canada. Choose one of our wood duck homes, and provide a place for these beautiful ducks to thrive. 


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